Social media marketing trends 2019

Digital media marketing
19Feb, 2019

Everyone knows Social Media landscape is changing at a fast pace, it is important to keep up with the latest trends every year to ensure that your strategy is still successful. Marketers must keep themselves abreast of the latest trends so that they can equip themselves to better plan their social media marketing strategy. 2018 was a landmark year for both technology and the social media domain. On the one hand, emerging technologies like IoT and AI have evolved to strengthen their positions in the corporate world, and on the other hand, the social media network has flourished to touch our lives more effectively. As we are in the year 2019, it is fair to assume that the latter will become stronger than ever.
WebPlayer Team, the Best Social Media Marketing Company will provide you with the list of top Social Media Marketing Trends 2019:

Live Videos Gain Popularity
Videos brought much more traffic in comparison to pictures and text. LIve videos are more engaging and interactive. It is one of the most authentic ways to connect with your audience and it helps build trust in your brand. Marketers can leverage the growing popularity of live videos & streams and can easily transform into good sales.

Video Content
To make your video popular and effective in front of your audience then you should have a good and quality video content that will attract more audiences.

The increasing popularity of Instagram stories
Instagram get over 700 million users in less 7 years according to the latest survey. Instagram stories have gained a lot of attention to almost all the influencers and marketers to make it another source of income.

Augmented Reality is starting to make an appearance
Augmented Reality or AR is now taking small steps in the social media world in the form of facial filters, geo-filters etc. Augmented Reality provides a more engaging, interactive and personalized experience to all the customers.

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